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Maryland Responds MRC Online Orientation (Version 2.0)

Description: This is the official orientation training for all Maryland Responds MRC volunteers. Completing this training will satisfy the core training requirement for Ready Responder Status. This training is different than the previous online orientation because it incorporates an overview of the NIMS (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) with an introduction to the Maryland Responds MRC. NIMS establishes standardized organizational structures that improve integration among jurisdictions and disciplines during an incident response. ICS is an important component of NIMS. As a volunteer with the Maryland Responds MRC, it is essential that you learn about these systems in order to be utilized by emergency response agencies during a public health emergency. This course will provide relevant information so that you will understand the standardized organizational structure and communication system that you are likely to encounter while participating in a response effort. We hope that by taking this course you will be encouraged to learn more about the NIMS and the ICS and will take additional courses as well as take part in drills and exercises where these systems are practiced and used.


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